1. What is Neuro Therapy?
Neuro Therapy is a new and exciting therapy process that looks at  aches and pains through the lens of the nervous system.

2. How do I know if my pain is Neurological?
Pain can be seen as an alarm sent through the nervous system.  Similar to the alarm that wakes you each morning, it
is meant to send a signal to the brain to take an action.  As an example, when you touch a hot pan the brain
sends a signal that tells you to get your hand off the hot pan.  If pain is viewed in this manner then all pain is neurological.

3. How is the source of my pain found?
The body is scanned with a direct (non harmful) electical current.  This is accomplished by swiping an electrically stimulated pad over and around the skin.  Some part of the body will be more sensitive to the stimulation than others.  This allows us to know that for some reason those areas of the body are in a protective state.  Its possible that if these body parts are are in this state it could be the cause of your pain.

4. Does it hurt when these sensative areas are found?
Every individual can interpret the current and sensative areas differently.  The brain in each individual with interpret how that signal is felt.  In most instances it is just very sensative.  We strive on constant communication throught the session to assure that most comfortable atmosphere possible.  The senstaion is harmless.

5. After the senstitive spots are found, what happends next?
Once the spots have been located, you are then taken through some very basic movement protocols while the affected body parts are being stimulated.  By  doing this, we are teaching the brain to use effective movement patterns that will re train the brain and muscular system to work together and  heal, injuries and chronic pain heal more efficiently.

6. How long till a difference is felt?
In most cases clients will havesome relief after just 1 session. The length of time (or number of sessions) it takes for Neuro Therapy to provide more long lasting results varies by the individual. Some have walked out after 1 treatment with, long lasting results, while others may need a more  extensive plan.  The inury and condition hisotry, as well as how hard you work during treatment can determine how long and how many treatments may be needed.

7.  Who is this type of treatment for?
Neuro Therapy treatment is for people who have grown weary of being slowed down by nagging aches and pains and are in need to  get back to a more active lifestyle. The treatments have  been effective in helping clients overcome numberous issues  from head to toe including but  not limited to: migraine headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, hip pain, knee pain, and foot/ankle pain.

8. Why isn't this treatment more common?
Neuro Therapy is a new and developing field that helps people to overcome nagging aches and pains. Like many new things, it simply takes time to catch on.

9. I don't have much pain, just some tightness and stiff joints.  Will this treatment work for me?
Yes.  You many not need the full treatment sessions that are used for injuries but be happy to know that this treatment can increase range of motion in minutes.  It will also aid in any tightness or stiffness you have quite quickly.

10. Can it help with arthritis?
Yes it can help make your symptoms be less uncomfortable.  Arthritis is uncomfortable, due to the stress being placed on the joint. Our treatment can help ease arthritis by neurologically activating the muscles around the affected area, which reduces stress on the joint.

11. Is there anyone unable to use this treatment?
Yes – we cannot work on anyone who is pregnant, has an implanted electrical device, a history of blood clots, or cancer.

12.  Should I just see a physical therapist?
That is always an option for you. There are plenty of physical therapists out there that can help you move towards your goals. Many of the clients who come see us have tried physical therapy and didn’t find the results they were looking for.  Phyiscal Therapists treat the symptom.  Our treament finds the origin to your pain and we treat that to rid you of pain.

13.  What is difference between Neuro Treatments and Chiropratctics?
Our goal as Neuro Therapists is to get you healthy and participating in your favorite activities, and send you on your way quickly (typically in a few week). Similar to chiropracters we work to correct possible neurological causes of your injury, but also include exercises and other neurological  techniques to make surensure that repetitive visits are not necessary. Often times, chiropractors require you to come in repetitively to make sure the injury or condition doesn’t return. Some chiros are great at reducing pain temporarily, but they may end up having to refer you to a Neuro Therapist anyways to work on the neurological muscle activation techniques that help to keep the pain away for good.

14. I just started to feel pain the other day, shall I come in or wait?
The sooner you arrive for treatment, the more likely we are able to help quickly and make sure the pain doesn’t come back. If you wait, your body could start to  compensation patterns  (like shifting your weight to the other side of the body) to work around the pain, which would put you at risk for a more serious injury in the future.

15. What can I expect to feel like after treatments?
After the couple few sessions, muscle soreness may appear similar to an intense workout. This is a normal part of the process, as our treatments will neurologically activate muscles that may not be used to working. Getting plenty of sleep, adding protein to your daily dietary needs, and hydration will help to level  muscle soreness.

16. How long is a session?
We do not seek to rush you in and out of a session as quickly as possible. We aim to provide a lot of personal attention, listen to all of your concerns, and provide you with answers to your questions. In order to do so, a session typically lasts 30-45 minutes.