Michele Scott - CrossFit Athlete 9/6/18

Thank you!  Just in those few minutes my lower back felt a lot of relief.

Ken LaChapelle - CrossFit Athlete 9/15/18

As an old beat up Marine this treatment has helped me tremendously


Jennifer Lewis - Health Coach 9/18/18

Recently I caused some damage and have experienced intense pain in my right elbow.  As it has become increasingly difficult to move it, I figured I would give Advanced Sports Recovery a try.

The session went very well.  One visit there my mobility in the elbow has increased dramatically.  Pain has subsided quite a bit as well.

Ben Evans - Owner Advanced Sports Recovery and un-retired CrossFit Athlete

For 15 months I was shut down from all types of training due to a neck injury.  Massage, P.T., Chiro, and pain management were all attempted.  Non of them worked at all.

I was introduced to Neuro Therapy through a training course.  This treatment has not only rid me of my neck pain when nothing else could, it has changed my career path and has allowed me to return to my CrossFit training

Topher Michaels - 11/14/17

Recently I was subject to a gnarly calf injury. I could not put any weight down on the affected leg at all.  I had to hop and hobble around for an entire weekend.

After my 1st visit with ASR I found out the pain was in my calf but the injury was in the back of my knee.

After 1 treatment I could walk again, after treatment 2 I could walk with no pain.  Treatment 3 I felt great and back to normal.  Thank you so much

Jared Andrews - Baseball Coach - Weekend Warrior 6/11/18

No injuries to speak of but I did try out the pre-competition therapy at ASR.

WOW!! I have tried over the counter products, extra sleep, massage, and energy drinks for energy for weekend long tournaments.

Well none of them came close to the results I got from the treatment at ASR.  I felt wide awake, looser, extremely energized, and more focused.