Advanced Sports Recovery is an in-house partner with Glendale Sports Integrative Therapies.

Advanced Sports Recovery

Advanced Sports Recovery is a Health and Sport Science facility.  Located in West Phoenix we specialize in drug free pain treatment, sports performance upgrades, and athlete recovery.

Our providers are focused on getting optimal results for our patients, while providing the highest level of quality care. Whether you’ve been living with chronic and nagging pain for years or if you’ve recently experienced an injury, our providers find the root of your pain for fast, effective relief.

We treat pain quickly — no needles, no surgery, and no long term treatment plans to slow you down.
We save patients time and money, while helping eliminate or dramatically reduce the need for costly and potentially dangerous prescription pain killers.

We believe in the finely tuned athlete.  With our Neuro-Fit performance enhancement technology.  We can help improve the skill set for athletes of all ages and levels.  With hard work recovery is just as important.  We provide many options on-site to help athletes and professionals recovery quicker and stronger to prepare for their next event.

We also provide on-site soft tissue and functional stretching.  As well as Vibration therapy, cold roll treatment, and mobility training.

The physical well being of each patient is our goal.  Building a stronger, injury free human is our passion.